Abhishek Choudhury

Abhishek Choudhury (M.Sc. Polymer Science) Director, Nanobiz India Private Limited Director, Cocreate Consulting Private Limited Secretary, Indo-Japan Business Council www.linkedin.com/in/choudhuryabhi Mr. Choudhury is a co-founder of a 10 year-old international IP services firm. He manages an international team of experts, searchers, patent drafters, market researchers, and staff. Mr. Abhishek brings an international client perspective to develop the value proposition from each corporate query. By using disciplined methodologies, multi-source information sources, and industry experts, he helps develop practical, actionable opportunities. Mr. Abhishek is a serial entrepreneur who helped build two service companies in the areas of intellectual property management and technology-driven business consulting. Mr. Abhishek worked for 15 years on various aspects of IP and Technology Commercialization and was instrumental in facilitating multiple outside India companies find right business partner and opportunity to explore in India. Mr. Abhishek works with various Corporates as  well as business associations/trade bodies in India and outside of India. Mr. Abhishek keeps advising start-ups and research/technology associations on various business aspects of IP. Mr. Abhishek was also engaged in multiple technology, IP and market due diligence exercises for Venture Capitals and corporates where the investment stakes are ranging from $10mn to $100mn. Mr. Abhishek takes care of material science domain and worked on numerous projects related to nanomaterials and nanotechnology, oil exploration and refining, petrochemicals, catalysis, specialty polymers, conducting and biodegradable polymers, dendrimers, polymer composites, paints and coatings, 3D printing, materials for 5G, solar energy and biofuel. Mr. Abhishek gave more than 20 talks on: – Various aspects of IPR – Interaction with a business client – The art of conducting a market research and primary interview – Various entrepreneurial tips – Cultural aspects of doing business with U.S. and Japan at – Indian and Foreign Academic Institutions – Venture Capital and Angel Investment Platforms – Corporates and – Business Associations/Trade Bodies Mr. Abhishek co-authored multiple peer-reviewed articles and book chapters involving IP, search and analytics. His current research areas include studying the impact of Indian R&D  in helping global multinational companies grow their innovation portfolio, studying university tech-transfer models for emerging economies, and developing TRIZ and other methodologies to analyse complex business problems.