Aslam Mohamed

Mohamed Aslam was called to the Bar of the Madras High Court in 1984 and was also the senior consulting advocate for top IP practice DePenning. After several years of practise he ventured into the corporate world with Eagle Flask. His main area of specialisation is to incubate systems and processes in the corporate legal departments and transform them into inhouse counselling and advisory centres. He has successfully done so in many companies like Burroughs Wellcome, Asian Paints, Castrol India, Godrej, ITC and Havells, market leaders in their respective industries. A special area of Aslam’s expertise has been to install comprehensive Brand Development and IP Protection measures by knitting together the R&D Marketing and Sales efforts of companies with the incubated IP teams of inhouse and external lawyers spanning several countries. Aslam has for the past several years been engaged in the emerging IP area of taxation of intangible fixed assets and its implications on licensing. His experience with a Chartered Accountancy firm in the past and with the strong legal skills of ITC in indirect taxation stand him in good stead in his current interest of blending taxation and IP. He has developed models to avoid service tax and stamp duties on licencing and mergers. Currently Aslam is the Legal Advisor for Havells India Ltd and advises this group on harmonizing and synergising their global IP work. Aslam has specific expertise in dealing IP issues in emerging markets and production bases in China for brands owned by companies in developed economies and in India.