Etienne de Villers

Partner – MBM Intellectual Property Law Canada
Etienne is a successful Canadian intellectual property lawyer with over 13 years of experience in intellectual property prosecution and litigation. Etienne’s patent practice has focused on the mechanical, electrical and high technology fields to take advantage of his technical background. Etienne’s broad patent drafting and prosecution experience includes medical devices, sensors, document imaging, business methods, automation and manufacturing, construction, mining and ore processing, wireless communication, electronic messaging, device security and encryption, data compression and related technologies. Etienne has worked on large complex patent litigation matters in the Federal Court of Canada covering areas such as mining, wi-fi routers, construction, and document imaging. He has appeared before the Federal Court, as well as prepared written materials for submission at the Federal Court, Federal Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of Canada. In addition to a law degree, he holds an undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics, a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. Etienne’s engineering research experience included machine vision, intelligent machining, and medical image processing for CNC machining. Etienne is the author or joint author of several articles on intellectual property topics published in various print and online publications, as well as a regular speaker for the Federated Press. Etienne is a registered Canadian Patent & Trademark Agent. Etienne also has limited recognition to represent Canadians in patent matters before the USPTO.