Girma Wolde Micheal

Former Deputy Chief IP Counsel and Head of International IP Operations – Medtronic, US
Girma Wolde-Michael Girma Wolde-Michael has practiced Intellectual Property (IP) law for over 26 years. He has broad experience in all aspects of IP law including innovation management in globally distributed research and development (R&D) environments. Mr. Wolde-Michael’s diverse educational and professional backgrounds provide him with a unique perspective to integrate business and technology within his IP law practice. Mr. Wolde-Michael has worked in law firms and corporate organizations. During the last 18 years he worked in senior management as the Deputy Chief IP Counsel and Head of International IP Operations for Medtronic, one of the largest medical device companies in the world. Prior to his law practice, he worked as an engineer, engineering manager, senior R&D manager, and senior business and product development director. . Mr. Wolde-Michael holds undergraduate degrees in engineering and economics both from the University of Minnesota, an MBA and Masters in International Business both from the University of St.Thomas, and a Juris Doctor from William Mitchell law school. He completed his last year of law school at the University of Santa Clara. He has also completed post graduate studies in semiconductors, communication systems, and microcircuits. He holds 6 U.S. patents. . Mr. Wolde-Michael has led several international seminars, conferences and missions in the U.S., Western Europe, Middle East, India, and China. He has also lectured at various colleges and universities on international business, innovation management, IP law and its intersection with technology and business. . Mr. Wolde-Michael recently retired from Medtronic to establish a global healthcare consortium group with a focus on medical products, healthcare solutions, and services tailored to low and middle income countries.