Hema Seetharamaiah

Hema Seetharamaiah heads the Open Source Policy & Compliance as part of the Wipro IPR Group. Hema has over 20+ experience in the Wipro beginning her career as a developer in the area of Unix system programming. She later went on to work for a customer on the GNOME open source project in the areas of porting, accessibility, security and testing engaging directly with the open source community. Over  the course of her stint with Wipro, Hema has been product manager of a static analysis solution, headed the open source technology theme for Wipro CTO office, executed engineering manager duties for other technology themes such as Cloud, Big Data, Natural User Interfaces, etc. Hema has extensive experience with the open source development, community engagement and compliance aspects and headed the pioneering task force that put in place a robust open source policy framework for Wipro and was instrumental in operationalizing and selecting tools to automate the process.