Kailash Joshi

Kailash Joshi, a retired IBM executive, is among Silicon Valley mentors of entrepreneurs, Companies and non-profit organizations. His current interests include health care, energy and human development. Kailash started his career on the Cornell University faculty and had an accomplished career at IBM that spanned 23 years. He was the General Manager of IBM Lexington, KY (now Lexmark, NYSE: LXK). He was also responsible for IBM’s reentry in to India in 1991. After taking early retirement from IBM, Kailash moved to Silicon Valley in 1992, where he has been engaged with small technology companies in different capacities and has been part of several successful mergers. Kailash is a co-founder of The Indus Entrepreneurs (http://www.tie.org/), a prominent global organization of entrepreneurs. He served as the President of TiE Silicon Valley and Vice Chairman of TiE Global from 2001 through 2004. Kailash co-founded American India Foundation (http://www.aifoundation.org/) in conjunction with a group of Indo-Americans and former President Clinton, and also served as AIF’s first President in 2001. He, along with Mr. Kumar Malavalli launched the Digital Equalizer (DE) program of AIF for the computer education of the underprivileged. He also initiated AIF’s youth service program for India in 2001. Kailash edited the popular book “Essentials of Entrepreneurship”, a John Wiley publication that serves both teachers and students of entrepreneurship in many countries. In 2008, he helped introduce a 911-like emergency system for his native state of Uttarakhand (uses 108 dialing) in Northern India. He was honored for this contribution in November, 2010 at a public event. Kailash also co-founded Bluegrass Indo-American Civic Society in Lexington, KY in 1987 (http://www.biacs.org/). He served India Community Center (http://www.indiacc.org/) as a Co-President and Director, and serves as a Trustee of Foundation For Excellence (http://www.FFE.org). He also serves as Chairman of Global Institute of Intellectual Property (http://www.giipinfo.org). Kailash holds a B.E. degree with distinction from Indian institute of Science, Bangalore, a M.S. degree from Washington State University, and a Ph.D. degree from Cornell University. In October, 2005 Kailash was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science degree of HNB Garhwal University at a special convocation presided by President of India, Hon. Abdul Kalam, for his contributions to entrepreneurship and Information Technology. He has served or continues to serve on the Boards of over 15 business, educational, civic, and charitable institutions. His hobbies include golf, bridge, hiking and gardening.