Manoj Radhakrishnan

Manoj Radhakrishnan is a Senior Patent Attorney and a registered Indian Patent Agent who drives Ericsson’s patent development activities in India. He is a communication Engineer in the field of electronics with an Industry experience of over 20 years. He is also a certified IPR professional from the law school, Bangalore as well as certified by WON Netherlands, Delta Patent Netherlands & by Global Institute of Intellectual Property, GIPP. He has got extensive experience in Patent development, Patent prosecution and Patent Portfolio Management. Prior to Ericsson he also had held positions in the IPR department of Siemens and at the Indian Patent Office. He worked in different capacities as Patent Examiner, Technical consultant, Patent Professional, Patent Manager in various organizations. Apart from Patent development, Manoj also works with teams on policy building, standardization and patent licensing. He is also very passionate in promoting IPR awareness and education in India. Apart from speaking in industry seminars and international conferences he also coordinates technical training programs in new technology area for the Patent Office Examiners & Controllers. He is also a visiting faculty to Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management (RGNIIPM), Nagpur, Govt. of India. Currently he is in the process of authoring a book on the importance of protecting IP specifically focused on Patent protection and associated strategies.