Ravi Upasani

Dr. Ravi Upasani is a Principal and Founder of SMIP LLC, providers of Intellectual Property services. Dr. Upasani earned his Ph.D. in small molecule chemistry and his qualifications include a unique combination of extensive experience in medicinal chemistry and expertise in Intellectual Property. Dr. Upasani was most recently the Senior Director of Intellectual Property at Pharmacyclics. Prior to that, he was the Sr. Director of IP at Renovis, a subsidiary of Evotec, AG. In this capacity, Dr. Upasani was responsible for the management of IP functions, including the development and implementation of patent strategy; drafting and prosecution of patent applications, and managing company’s extensive patent portfolio. Dr. Upasani has drafted over 200 patent applications and procured patents directed to pharmaceutical compositions of matter, methods of treatment, pharmaceutical formulations, manufacturing procedures, peptoids, and polymers. He is experienced in conducting freedom to operate (FTO) and patentability searches, chemical structure searches, and search analysis. He is registered before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as patent agent, and has broad experience in his interactions with patent examiners. Dr. Upasani’s research experience includes directing chemistry discovery groups for biopharmaceutical companies. While his research has been focused in the pharmaceutical arena on the design of new lead compounds in different target areas and the development of structure-activity relationship (SAR), his industrial and academic research spans a broad spectrum of chemical disciplines, including industrial polymers, organo-ferromagnetic materials, super conducting materials and fullerenes. He has authored over 35 publications and is an inventor on more than 15 United States patents.